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Found her ex on a swinging site

So I found my GF's ex on, I spoke to him about 6 months ago through the site and tried to persuade him and her to meet, at the time she seemed to be really keen to meet him but he lost his bottle and was too worried about discretion with having a GF and kids so it never happened.

Anyway over the last few weeks after she agreed to meet a guy I set up another profile on the site for us both for the purpose of finding someone suitable and giving them her kik contact details, up popped her ex again and now she's chatting with him on kik.

I'm pretty concerned at how keen she seems to be to meet him, she actually seems to fancy him and eager to fuck with him, I sneaked a peek of her kik chat history with him on her phone and he sent her a pic of himself wearing boxer shorts and he seems to have a decent package, I'd say about 7", possibly more and pretty thick too so know she will love having him fuck her.

Should I let anything develop? My cock says yes let them start fucking each other and become regular lovers, I mean he's got a family and it's pretty doubtful he would jeopardise that and allow anything more than casual sex develop, but you never know, what if she develops feelings for him and it changes our relationship dynamics and thats when my brain says just drop it...

I want to be cuckolded but should it be with her ex?

cookie · 1507 days ago
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10.08.2014 (1507 days ago)
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Found her ex on a swinging site